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Electric vehicles bring convenience to our life, but how much do you know about its harm

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Electric vehicles bring convenience to our life, but how much do you know about its harm
With the increase of cars and the increase of fuel prices, many people choose electric vehicles when they travel in order to save time and money. This kind of electric vehicle is cheap, and the most important thing is that they do not need a driver's license to drive it. Moreover, there is still no perfect management system and no license plate. They can walk through urban roads at will without fear of fines. That is why electric vehicles can be seen everywhere in Chinese cities, While it brings convenience to people, it also brings many security risks.
1、 Fire hazard. Electric cars generally stop in the corridor. Electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, corridor, community and street can be seen everywhere, which are collectively referred to as electric vehicles. Many citizens are used to parking them in their own doorways and corridors, which has great potential safety hazards. There are various charging methods and locations. Some people pull wires privately to charge electric vehicles in the corridor. Some even take the risk of "charging in the air" by "dropping" a wire from the balcony of their home to the first floor for "charging in the air". Compared with the first two charging methods, it is more common to remove the battery and charge it at home. But charging in the house is more dangerous. According to a study, electric vehicles are short circuited for 30 seconds, and the flame temperature reaches 1200 ° C in 3 minutes. In addition, the toxic gas generated by electric vehicles can suffocate people in a few seconds at the earliest. In recent years, the number of deaths due to electric vehicle fires has been rising.
2、 There are potential traffic hazards. Traffic accidents caused by motor vehicles have been decreasing, while those caused by non motor vehicles have been increasing. In recent years, the number of traffic accidents related to illegal driving of electric vehicles has increased year by year, and the direct and indirect economic losses caused by traffic accidents caused by illegal driving of electric vehicles cannot be underestimated. At present, the maximum speed of many battery cars can reach 40-50KM/H, which is the normal speed of cars on the highway. The key problem is that cars walk on the driveway, while most battery cars walk on the sidewalk. The rhythm of modern people is fast, so it is not ambiguous to drive the battery car. It takes off quickly and rampages wildly. Moreover, the popularity of electric vehicles is very fast now. When you commute to and from work in many places, you can see that electric vehicles do not obey the traffic rules and drive at will. As our saying goes, "meat makes iron", electric vehicle drivers are more likely to be injured in accidents. According to statistics, the total number of motorcycle accidents accounted for 40% of all traffic accidents in the same period, and the accident mortality rate was as high as 70%.
3、 Environmental pollution. Environmental pollution after the battery of the battery car is scrapped. A small button battery can pollute 600 cubic meters of water, equivalent to a person's lifetime drinking water; One dry cell can pollute 12 cubic meters of water and one cubic meter of soil, and cause permanent damage. It can be seen that the damage is great. Well, think about it. The battery of a battery car is many times larger than the battery of No. 7, and the damage is also much greater! The key problem is that the level of hazardous waste disposal in China is not very high, and citizens' awareness of environmental protection is not very high, so they do not know how to deal with the batteries of the overwhelming waste battery vehicles in the future!
4、 Related diseases increased. In recent years, the number of people who ride electric bikes to see doctors in hospitals has been increasing. Now many young people are worried about traffic jams, but do not want to be too tired. They use electric bikes to save time. Little did we know that in cold winter and windy and humid spring, there are hidden dangers behind the relaxation. Cycling instead of walking has a large amount of exercise, and the cold wind is not easy to invade, but electric vehicles are different. The legs are in a static state. In addition, ignoring warmth, the cold wind is easy to attack the joints and cause synovitis and other diseases. However, we should see that electric vehicles have become an important part of urban life, such as the "last mile problem" of logistics. Electric vehicles are needed for takeout or package transportation, because they are convenient and low-cost. With the continuous expansion of urbanization in China, not all ordinary wage earners can buy and use cars. They need electric vehicles to facilitate their lives. Learn to use electric vehicles rationally to protect others and yourself.

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