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Everything about scooters

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The electric skateboard is a transportation tool based on the traditional human skateboard and the electric kit. The electric skateboard is generally divided into two wheel drive or single wheel drive. The most common drive modes are wheel hub motor (HUB) and belt drive. Its main power source is lithium battery pack.

brief introduction

The control mode of the electric scooter is the same as that of the traditional electric bicycle, which is easy to learn by the driver. Equipped with a detachable and foldable seat, the electric scooter is simpler in structure, smaller in wheel size, lighter and simpler than the traditional electric bicycle, and can save a lot of social resources. In recent years, the rapid development of lithium battery electric scooters has spawned new demands and trends.


The electric scooter mainly includes: electric kick scooter with electric drive device that can slide on the ground with feet, and electric scooter that mainly depends on the drive device.

brief history

Early electric scooters used lead-acid batteries, iron frames, external brush motors and belt drives. Although smaller than electric bicycles, they are not portable. Their important progress is the combined effect of folding, lightweight and compactness. After they evolved into compact, light and compact folding electric scooters, they attracted wide attention from urban users and began to grow.

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