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Four advantages of skateboard riding, both entertainment and fitness

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Four advantages of skateboard riding, both entertainment and fitness
Many people think that scooters are entertainment toys, but today I want to tell you that scooters also have these advantages, which you haven't noticed.
1、 It is conducive to the exercise of lower limb and waist muscles
When we play the scooter, our legs and waist will exert force. Therefore, for people who often play the scooter, it is more conducive to increasing the strength of lower limbs and waist, making our center of gravity more stable, and helping to maintain body balance.
2、 It is beneficial to the development of respiratory system and cardiovascular system
When you play skateboard, you can exercise your respiratory muscles and heart muscle, enhance the function of respiratory movement, improve the vital capacity and the compression resistance of the heart. Just like aerobic exercise, to some extent, it can improve the cardiopulmonary function and promote the development of the respiratory system and cardiovascular system.
Swiss Migao Micro Maigu Rocket Teenager 2-wheeled Skateboard Car Big Boy Girl Folding Wide Wheeled Car
The wheels of the scooter can rotate 360 degrees flexibly, making it convenient for us to change directions at any time. It is designed to fold with one button. After folding, the volume becomes very small, which is convenient for us to carry at any time. When we don't want to walk, we take it out to slide.
3、 Helps to gain confidence
We will find many like-minded friends by playing skateboards, which will promote our exchange of skateboarding experience with others, and also make our personality more sunny. More importantly, proper exercise can release pressure and make people happier. Compared with bicycles, it is not easy to feel frustrated and helps to gain confidence.

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