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Only then did I know that riding an electric bike also requires skills. If I learn these skills, I will ride more stably and safely in the future

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When it comes to riding electric bikes, everyone may think it is too simple. Everyone can ride and learn how to ride. What skills are needed? In fact, most people who ride electric bikes do not have safety driving training, they can only control the switch and brake. Although they ride well, they are not really able to ride electric bikes.
I don't know if you have such a feeling. When the road is slippery in rainy days, the electric vehicle is easy to fall, which tests the driver's skills. Now, Xiaobian will teach you some tips on riding an electric bike, so that you can ride more stably and safely in the future.
1. The riding posture should be correct
Riding an electric bicycle is similar to riding a pedal motorcycle. Don't sit too straight and lean forward a little. Keep your body's center of gravity naturally falling. Keep your arms slightly bent and your legs naturally relaxed. This will not only prevent your body from facing the wind in a large area, but also help reduce resistance, save power, and drive at a more stable and faster speed. Riding in rainy days will have a good effect.
2. Left and right handle control
Next, we need to know how to control the left and right handlebars. First, we need to know which buttons are available on the left and right handlebars of electric vehicles and which aspects control the car.
Left hand: front brake handle, horn turn signal, turn signal.
Right hand: rear brake handle, switch, P gear parking, gear adjustment, high and low beam.
After turning on the switch of the electric vehicle, you need to pinch the brake to release the P gear, so that the electric vehicle can be in the normal acceleration and riding state.
3. Correct posture of both hands when riding
Then, gently pinch the switch with your right hand to keep the electric vehicle moving. Try to control the switch with your wrist to accelerate and decelerate. What do we need to do with our left hand? It is to gently put your finger on the front brake handle. The specific method is to decide how many fingers to put on according to your comfort level, but you should ensure that the brake can be pinched. This is the correct posture for normal electric vehicle riding. The purpose is also very simple, which is to enable the driver to quickly react to braking in case of emergency and ensure the shortest safe braking distance.
4. How to brake electric vehicles correctly?
Few people care about the braking problem of electric vehicles. However, your braking method does affect the braking distance and safety. Especially in rainy days, the traction of the tires of the electric vehicle is average. If the brakes are not careful, it is easy to slide sideways, causing a crash.
What is the right way to brake? First of all, the brake is divided into front brake and rear brake. In two wheeled vehicles, the effective braking mode is completed through the front brake, and the rear brake is generally used as an auxiliary brake.
After mastering the braking principle, the next step is the braking method. Because there is generally no ABS anti lock system for electric vehicle braking, if the brake is pressed too tightly in an emergency, the electric vehicle will cause sideslip and fall.
Therefore, the correct braking method is to simulate the working principle of ABS for braking. In case of emergency, the front brake mastered by the left hand should be braked and adjusted according to the braking force so that the brake cannot be locked. Then use the rear brake controlled by the right hand as an aid to decelerate. Because the brake adjustment of each car is different, Xiao Bian also gives you a reference. The adjustment of the front and rear brakes should be that you can feel the force by gently pinching the brakes. After a little effort, you will brake. Of course, because everyone's driving habits are different, the brake adjustment is also different. Only by finding a suitable brake adjustment and understanding the car's temper can we correctly deal with the situation on the road.
5. The ability to predict danger
The above techniques of riding electric bikes can help us avoid dangerous situations on the road to a certain extent, but even if we have good riding skills, we cannot completely avoid the danger. Xiao Bian thinks that what many electric vehicle owners lack most is the ability to predict danger.
In everyone's common sense, not running a red light or going against the road is a rule that every traffic participant should abide by. However, in electric vehicles, this happens every day. Don't these car owners know that running a red light or going against the traffic rules? Of course, although the punishment for electric vehicles is very small, it is only external. In the final analysis, it is a lack of awareness and the ability to predict danger. In addition, Xiao Bian has seen many car owners who go straight without slowing down when passing the intersection. When they pass the intersection, have they considered what to do when a car suddenly appears? They have no habit of slowing down to observe the road conditions.
At present, electric vehicles almost walk in the non motorized lane. When passing the traffic light intersection, especially the right turning vehicles in the transverse lane should be observed, because these right turning vehicles can enter the motorway only through the non motorized lane. If you do not pay attention to the observation, there will be a risk of collision.
In a word, as a car owner, when passing intersections and traffic lights, you must think and observe more, predict dangerous situations in advance and make countermeasures. Without this ability, even the best technology can save you once, but it can't save you many times.

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