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What are the benefits of surfing?

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What are the benefits of surfing? Five benefits. How many do you know
Can summer be far behind when spring comes? The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and many people will choose surfing. So, what's the benefit of surfing? Today, I'd like to introduce some benefits of surfing to you.
What benefits does surfing bring to us?
1. Maintain body balance and strengthen all parts of the body.
When you are on the surfboard, you need to keep looking up and turning your head, and water skiing with both arms. These actions are very good for the neck, shoulders, and waist, and are very helpful for the functional recovery of the damaged parts. When surfing, in order to maintain the balance of the body, tighten the muscles, so that the muscles in the back and abdomen will be exercised. Constantly looking for a balanced position, thus exercising the thigh muscles.
2. The weight bearing of the body is evenly distributed to reduce the pressure on the joints.
Even if you fall into the water because you don't control it well, you don't have to worry about spraining your joints. Because at the moment of breaking through the waves, the buoyancy generated by water will lift people up. At this time, the body load will be evenly distributed to the whole body, which can greatly reduce the pressure on the joints of lower limbs.
Just like on land, every mile we run, each foot will hit the ground about 1000 times, and the ankle, knee and thigh joints will be severely shocked, often causing muscle sprain or ligament strain. If you drive a surfboard, the shock is almost 1/12 of that of running on land, and the damage is very small.
3. It can eliminate excess body fat and has the effect of slimming and beautifying the body.
When the tide is rising and falling, soaking in the sea or surfing, the waves will massage the body. Surfing can eliminate the fat on the abdomen, legs and arms and wave away the excess fat, which has the effect of reducing weight.
4. It is the best place for vacation travel and relieving pressure.
The sea and beach are definitely natural places for us to relieve the pressure of work when we go to high-rise buildings or business centers. Otherwise, why do people choose to spend their holidays at the seaside? Because you can freely walk on the beach with bare feet at the seaside to fully relax your mood and body.
5. The sea waves beat the whole body, and the fat distribution is more uniform.
Any sport will change the distribution ratio of muscle and fat in the body. However, some sports, such as weight lifting, fighting and sprinting, will consume too much subcutaneous fat, leading to the lateral development of muscles, making the body full of masculine beauty rather than feminine beauty, which makes many women flinch. While surfing, the waves will beat each part of your body uncertainly, which will make your subcutaneous fat more evenly covered. From the appearance, it will make you more feminine.
Surfing requires equipment.
① Long plate:
More than 9 feet long, suitable for beginners.
② Soft board:
Strong dynamic mobility, not limited by the size of waves, suitable for beginners.
③ Short board:
The length is less than 7 feet, which belongs to technical wave board.
④ Gun plate:
Narrow and long, designed to cope with large waves like those in Hawaii.

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